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Infected DVD Art

Genius products announced today that there’s a bit of movie monster mayhem heading to DVD on May 19 in the form of the new sci-fi thriller Infected, and we have a peek at the kind of cool cover art for ya!

Official Synopsis:
“Ben (Gil Bellows) and Lisa (Maxim Roy), disgruntled reporters for The Boston Daily, are looking for stories to match their ambitions. They find the story of a lifetime when the mayor is assassinated—not by a crazed gun nut, but by a terrified man desperate to stop an alien invasion of “infectious” proportions. Starting in the highest echelon of government, the infection is quickly spreading. To stop it, Ben and Lisa must infiltrate its terrifying source, hunted every step of the way—like humans.

Also starring Isabella Rossellini and Judd Nelson, check out the artwork and pre-order the DVD below!

infected - Infected DVD Art

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