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Mallika Sherawat Discusses Hisss



Mallika Sherawat in HisssSome new images have hit the Net from Jennifer Lynch’s upcoming Hisss along with an interview with the film’s star, Mallika Sherawat, who was in Southern California recently to assist with Lynch’s post-production work. spoke with the Bollywood beauty, and she talked enthusiastically about her role as a vendetta-seeking female snake able to take on human form. Some of the highlights are as follows:

“I have always taken risks, done unconventional things,” she said. “This role too is very unusual — my get-up is something never before seen in Bollywood movies. I have to express emotions through my eyes as I don’t have any dialogues.”

“The story of the nagin is a popular legend in many Eastern countries. Hisss will bring that myth to the West,” continued Sherawat. “It also offers a different perspective to a Western audience because in India snakes are worshipped — while in the West they are portrayed as monsters, in such movies as Anaconda.”

Robert Kurtzman, the Hollywood genius of prosthetic make-up and visual effects, has given Sherawat the scaly, reptilian look and created her transformation. For Sherawat, shooting those scenes was the hardest part. She had to don eight bodysuits in succession to create the transformation from serpent to woman and vice versa. The body suits were made of a clingy material that severely restricted her movements. She had to be carried to and from the sets. She couldn’t use the restroom for hours, and her detailed prosthetic make-up took up to five hours to put on.

IndiaWest also provided a little more in-depth description of Hisss than what we’ve seen before: The story follows a ruthless American who, fascinated by the ancient folklore of the nagin, travels to India to find out the truth. In the jungles of India he captures the mate of the nagin for the magical powers of its nagmani, a mythical gem embedded in its hood. The nagin transforms into a femme fatale and comes to the modern world to track down her lover. She wreaks revenge on those who stand in the way of their reunion and also on her mate’s captors. Her desperate search and subsequent quest for revenge results in a breakneck chase with a trail of bodies and narrow escapes.

For more, hit the above link. Those of us who are attending this month’s Fangoria LA Weekend of Horrors will have a chance to meet Mallika in person. The rest will have to make do with the above picture and wait for September when Hisss makes it debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Debi Moore

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