No Right Turn Premiere Info and Trailer

When you think of film festivals, Copenhagen isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind, but from April 16-26, 2009, it’s the place to be for CPH:PIX. Along with John Waters performing his stand-up show “This Filthy World – Dirtier & Filthier” on April 24, the fest will present over 170 films including No Right Turn, about which writer/director David Noel Bourke recently dropped us a line.

No Right Turn is generating quite a bit of buzz with praise from critics ranging from “a dark and witty neo fairytale” to “something utterly unique” to “a rare 10/10”. What’s it about? Here’s a synopsis from the film’s official site:

Nina is the voluptuously alluring girlfriend of Johnny, a charming but delusional crook. To escape from her weary life, she casually sleeps with an old friend, Teddy, but is fed up with her current lifestyle, especially the drunken dreams of Johnny. One night after an argument with Johnny, she storms home, where she is abducted by a pair of thugs but then fortunately rescued by a timid and guilt-ridden girl, Monella. Even though they are from two very different worlds, they quickly become close friends and soothe each other’s lives.

Johnny, hearing about Nina’s ordeal with the thugs, sadly attempts to win her heart back by going on a crazy revenge spree, which scares Nina off even more. Nina eventually tells Monella of her ploy of escaping from Johnny’s seedy world by conspiring to steal his much talked about hidden stash, stored in a safety deposit box deep in the neon city.

Monella reluctantly agrees to help…

…and we follow each of their dangerously entangled lives until their ultimate and bloody fate.

Check out the No Right Turn trailer below, and if you’re interested in attending CPH:PIX, click here for more details.

Debi Moore

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