Anne Heche Stars in Chemtrail Story Toxic Skies…or Does She?


A growing number of people believe in the existence of chemtrails, toxic chemicals or biological agents that are supposedly being deliberately sprayed at high altitude by the US government (and/or other entities) for a purpose undisclosed to the general public, resulting in respiratory illnesses and other health problems. A couple of days ago a film touching on that very topic, Toxic Skies, aired on Australian TV, but it’s nearly impossible to find any information on it. Not even on the IMDB.

So leave it to YouTube to provide a trailer, which you can check out below. And thanks to one of our readers, JRM, we were able to track down a synopsis courtesy of Rumor Mill News:

For years the government has been involved in a secret operation involving contrails – the visible lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky. If you asked them, they would suggest that this is done in the name of environmental protection as a safeguard that will alleviate global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. The real truth: These contrails are actually a toxic substance, or virus, deliberately sprayed upon an unsuspecting populace in order to “weed out the old and the sick”. As Seattle’s hospitals begin filling up with patients suffering from a deadly sickness, Dr. Tess Martin, a specialist from the Global Health Association, embarks on a mission to find the truth. Before long, the virus spreads like wildfire and becomes a full-on epidemic, with Tess’ own 10-year-old son now among the infected. With over 70 percent of Seattle dying from the virus, Tess and her son’s only chance of survival is to get out of the city and find a cure, but the President has declared a national emergency and quarantined all of Seattle — nobody is allowed out, and nobody is allowed in. When the President passes a bill allowing the use of military force to keep Seattle from spreading the virus, it’s up to Tess to find a way to break free of the city in order to find a cure and expose the government’s deadly conspiracy.

Anne Heche portrays Dr. Martin while her real-life love interest James Tupper co-stars. It took some digging, but I learned Johnson Production Group is behind Toxic Skies, and Andrew C. Erin directed. We have no idea if this is a legit genre project or more along the lines of a Lifetime woman in peril tale, but if more details come to light, we’ll provide them. Accordingly, proceed at your own risk.

Debi Moore

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