Corman Unleashes a Dinoshark


upfromdepths - Corman Unleashes a DinosharkYou can always count on Roger Corman to bring his b-game to the creature feature genre. The filmmaking legend who has graced us in recent years with “>Dinocroc (review) and its unofficial sequel “>Supergator (review) is about to unleash a Dinoshark upon an unsuspecting public.

Details on Dinoshark are almost non-existent at this time. Don’t even have a proper plot synopsis. Not sure one even really needs a proper plot synopsis when the title of your movie is Dinoshark. Kind of says it all. No idea who is starring in it or directing; I assume Corman will only be producing as he did with Dinocroc, Supergator, and the just-released-on-DVD “>Cyclops (DVD review).

What I can tell you is that production has just begun down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I can also tell you about a little tidbit Mr. Corman told now former New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams this past December:

“At magazine editor Jill Spalding’s party, Roger Corman said his next flick is Dinoshark. Sci-fi with “a fast shoot in Mexico. We’ll redo the mechanical alligator’s jaws we used from our previous Dinocroc.”

That definitely guarantees this Dinoshark is not going to look like your typical shark, and thus this will not be just another Sci-Fi Channel Megalodon shark flick. Just hope it makes for a better Jaws-style creature flick than Up From the Depths, a major stinker Corman produced back in 1979 that also had a shark-like beast terrorizing the waters near a tropical resort.

More details in the near future guaranteed.

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