Silent Hills May Be Given a Second Chance on Xbox One

We all shed at least a single silent tear at the cancellation of Silent Hills, but it seems like there might be new life for the Del Toro/Kojima superstar mashup. The people over at The Know have reported that an anonymous source inside of Microsoft has stated that they are in talks with Konami to buy the title as an XBox One exclusive.

The deal is reported to be in the ballpark of billions, which sounds absurd for horror title that lacks the mass appeal of something like Grand Theft Auto 5, which reportedly broke a billion dollars in sales in the first week. If bought, we can expect a release date somewhere around March 2016, but with a projection that far off expect something around Q1-Q2.


This sounds like the far-fetched dream of a Microsoft fanboy pissed that it was originally a Sony exclusive, but a few factors give credence to the veracity of these claims. First off, though anonymous, The Know states that this is the same source that gave them the rumor that the Xbox One was coming out with a cheaper Kinect-less version, along with the quarter it would come out. They confirm that while they cannot state who it is specifically, it is an industry insider at Microsoft. Remember, this was big news, as Microsoft had insisted over and over again before launch that a Kinect-less version was in actually impossible since the Xbox One had been designed with integrated Kinect functionality. Lo and behold, June 9th 2014, a Kinect-less Xbox One was introduced.

This gives the rumor of the projected date some weight as well, as the game is reported to already be 80% complete. How much this figure really means is unclear, since we still haven’t seen any gameplay trailers yet. However, with how secretive they were about the original production and their method of announcing through P.T. as a kind of ARG, it isn’t that surprising that the game would be so long into development without any new trailers. It might take some time to convert the PS4 exclusive assets into a stable Xbox One package, but given the hype behind the title I’m sure Microsoft would put everything they have behind the project.

The final thing that gives this report credence is the rush to E3. Now, this is the time when rumors are flying so take all of this with a grain of salt. We all know that Microsoft is really hurting for exclusive titles to give Xbox One the edge over the PS4. As a fan of gaming in general, I’m a bit disappointed in both sides, but Microsoft has particularly been hit hard by poorly received exclusives and a rocky launch. With E3 only a few weeks away, the mad dash to kill the competition is here so a few billion dollars to stick it to them and give you the edge in the eyes of the fans might be worth it for Microsoft at this point.

In any case, we will know something mid-June, when I will personally make the journey to E3 to bring you all the breaking news. I sure hope this happens, but rumors like this spring up every year around this time. I got my hopes up for a great Silent Hill title when P.T. rolled around but promised to guard my heart more wisely when it was first cancelled. It is an exciting little shimmer of hope, but I just hope to not have my heart broken again.

silent hills - Silent Hills May Be Given a Second Chance on Xbox One

Written by Ted Hentschke

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