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CW Gives Vampire Diaries a Shot

vampirediaries - CW Gives Vampire Diaries a ShotSharpen those TV loving fangs Vamp fans! Variety revealed today that the CW Television Network has decided to give the pilot for Vampire Diaries the green light.

The book series, which was published years before Twilight ever hit the stands (not that the Twilight franchise is all that original itself), is centered around a young woman who becomes entangled between two vampire brothers. The two undead siblings are morally diametrically opposed with one being quite evil and the other rather good, and they proceed to battle for her very soul, as well as the souls of her friends, her family, and everyone else in town.

The fact is the great bulk of vampire movies are very, very bad. Surprises do happen; the recent Swedish film “>Let the Right One In is testimony to what a quality writer and director can bring to the old monster. If this series ends up being something grand and memorable, so much the better for horror fans, but it’s difficult to put much stock into a project based upon a monster that’s been so often abused and misused. We need more movies with vampires who are ugly, not interested in sex, and really just want to make you dead. Someone get to work!

Tristan Sinns


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