10 Scorching Hot Horror Takes That Will Melt Your Screen

Halloween Ends

We recently asked Twitter for their horror hot takes. People seemed more than happy to oblige, and we have quite a list of controversial thoughts on the genre. We pulled 10 of the most interesting into a cute little Friday list.

Halloween Ends (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Prime Video

There has been a surprising amount of love for the most recent Halloween trilogy on this post. However, the bravest comment came from one fan who wrote: “Halloween Ends was good.” Any stance on that divisive installment is bold, and we must applaud. 

Carrie (1976)

Where You Can Watch: Max

We all love Sissy Spacek’s Carrie White so much it hurts. So, we were happy to see someone mention her in the comments and give her some flowers. “Carrie was the scariest villain” belongs on merch. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Where You Can Watch: Max

We knew it wouldn’t be long until one of the most iconic franchises found itself in this highly scientific experiment. However, we didn’t expect it to be possibly the hottest hot take. One Twitter user declared we don’t need Petty Freddy to make an Elm Street movie. I’m still reeling. Please respect my privacy at this time.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

Where You Can Watch: Paramount+ and The Roku Channel

I didn’t have a take for this one on my bingo card, but what a scorching surprise! A brave soul tweeted that “Blair Witch 2 was a great sequel.” I love that because it proves there is a fan for every movie.

Alien Covenant (2017)

Where You Can Watch: VOD

One of the most sorned entries in the Alien franchise is the hill one person is ready to die on. While I’m here for the Alien is a horror movie representation, I will keep my thoughts about the movie off the internet streets.

Halloween Resurrection (2002)

Where You Can Watch: Showtime

This is the movie that gave us Busta Rhymes’ beating Michael Myers’ ass. It has never gotten enough respect, in my humble opinion. I think more people owe it a rewatch now that they’ve seen more movies from that era.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Where You Can Watch: Max

While we all have very thought-out rankings of the Elm Street franchise, some are boldly going where no mortal has gone before. Many of us are fond of this entry, but I don’t know many who think it’s the best of the franchise. I screamed, looked away, and force-closed the app when I saw this hot take.

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)

Where You Can Watch: Hulu

This hot take was a 2 -for-1, but what I zeroed in on was the Spiral of it all. When that movie comes up, the response is usually negative, met with silence, or changing the subject to the 21 Savage song on the soundtrack. We needed to document this historic moment.

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Where You Can Watch: Prime Video

This movie is a good time, and I love that people love it. What took me by surprise was that it was the first Sam Raimi movie I spied after scrolling through these comments and retweets. This makes me think it might be this person’s favorite Raimi movie, and picking a favorite is no easy feat. 

Child’s Play (1988)

Where You Can Watch: Max

This take is so cold that it’s just a fact. However, because I am sad about the lack of Charles Lee Ray takes, I’m adding it. I completely agree with Zelda that Don Mancini has one of the best franchises out there.

I loved a lot of these hot takes. There was one about legacy characters that filled me with joy. Another about the 1-star reviewers on Shudder’s app that I want to give a standing ovation to. Some people are even explaining why they are pro-jump scares. I highly recommend a scroll-through if you want to feel alive today.

Do you agree, or disagree with these hot takes? Spill that tea at @misssharai. You can also add your hot takes at @DreadCentral.



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