You Can Stream These Five Under-Seen Horror Films on Hulu Now!

Hunter Hunter on Hulu

I love watching movies. My favorite films provide me with a sense of comfort and allow me to escape the stressors of everyday life. But the process of choosing something new to watch, on say Hulu, can be an absolute nightmare.

Weighing the risk of sitting through a dud against the likelihood of stumbling upon a hidden gem can be crazy-making. Like most people, I end up scanning through Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and every other streaming service and waffling between a handful of titles that pique my curiosity. But there’s often a sense of uncertainty in the back of my mind as I attempt to make a final decision.

In an effort to save you some anguish and keep you from enduring a similar same fate, I have collected a handful of under-seen efforts available for you to stream right now on Hulu! So, pop some corn and fire up the AppleTV because it’s movie time!  

We Need to do Something

I am a massive fan of contained horror films. A well-crafted single-location flick has the potential to convey an unstoppable sense of claustrophobia that gives the viewer the sensation the walls are closing in on them. And that’s precisely the effect this feature had on me.

This film is rife with tension. Much of the intensity comes courtesy of the central characters becoming trapped in their bathroom during a storm. But that is further enhanced by a series of fractures in the family dynamic. The ordeal the central characters endure throughout this nightmarish flick is harrowing and sinister. That, along with a story arc that is unpredictable and well-realized makes We Need to do Something a must watch.  

We Need To Do Something

Mom and Dad

This bizarre horror comedy is brimming with dark humor and chock-full of graphic violence. Nicolas Cage is at his bloody best as Brent, a middle-aged corporate type living a seemingly picturesque life with his nuclear family in the suburbs. The flick catches up with Brent and his loved ones as a malevolent broadcast causes parents to develop an uncontrollable urge to destroy their offspring at any cost. Mom and Dad nails the balance between horror and comedy, serving up chuckles and chills in equal measure. 

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Mom and Dad

Hunter Hunter

If you’ve missed this overlooked effort, you’re not alone. But the good news is that it’s not to late to catch it on Hulu. Hunter Hunter came out in the height of the pandemic and hasn’t garnered much buzz in the time since its release. This survival-based horror film sees scream king Devon Sawa as Joseph, a man that lives off the grid in the remote wilderness. He and his family subsist as fur trappers. When Joseph leaves his loved ones to track down a wolf threatening their livelihood, a harrowing and unpredictable series of events are set in motion.

To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into detail but suffice to say that the ending must be seen to be believed and all of the central characters turn in powerful performances.  

As Above, So Below

I am a massive fan of the Dowdle brothers. They gave me nightmares with The Poughkeepsie Tapes and their 2015 action film No Escape has made me think twice about international travel. I’m an equally enthusiastic fan of their 2014 found footage affair, As Above, So Below. The film takes full advantage of the inherently spooky nature of the Paris catacombs as the audience witness a researcher and her crew navigating the restricted portions of the catacombs in search of the philosopher’s stone. 

This one is leaving Hulu on November 30th. So, be sure to watch this underrated found footage chiller while you still can!

John Dies at the End

This mind-bending and surreal effort needs to be seen by a larger audience. The flick, which was adapted from a David Wong novel was directed by master of horror Don Coscarelli. It’s off the beaten path, unexpected, and downright bizarre at times.

The flick is presented as Dave, a paranormal investigator, recounts the outrageous adventures he and his friend John have taken part in after trying out a new drug called ‘Soy Sauce’. To reveal any more than that would be a disservice to anyone that has yet to enjoy this bizarre masterpiece. But trust me when I say that you won’t regret checking out this under-seen effort. 

John Dies at the end


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