5 Horror Movie Haunts to Steer Clear of This Halloween

Haunts Hell Fest

Those fond of the macabre may be tempted to frequent an extreme haunt this Halloween season. And while attractions of that ilk normally make for a frightfully fun outing, the following five haunted houses have something of a checkered past. Many of those that have dared to brave the cinematic haunts outlined below paid with their lives. So, please proceed with caution when considering seeking admission to any of the following establishments.   

The Haunted Attraction in Haunt 

Harper (Katie Stevens) is busy navigating a complex relationship with her abusive boyfriend. So, the idea of attending an extreme haunt seems like it might serve as a welcome distraction and a fine way to spend Halloween night. But what starts as an escape from reality quickly devolves into a fight for their very survival. 

While I can’t, in good faith, recommend seeking out the unnamed attraction depicted in this 2019 effort, I wholeheartedly recommend seeking out Haunt. This atmospheric thrill ride was relegated to a very limited release before landing on VOD and physical media. But it absolutely deserved better. This chilling effort is far more impressive than its release strategy seems to suggest. So, be sure to seek it out if you haven’t had the chance to experience this impressive effort.   

Haunt Movie

Hell Fest

When a group of friends set out to attend a traveling haunt called Hell Fest, they have no idea the level of danger they are getting themselves into. At first glance, Hell Fest looks like a horror fan’s paradise. But little do they know, a killer (known as The Other) is walking the halls of the haunt in disguise, stalking and killing unsuspecting thrill seekers for sport!  

Though the haunt depicted in the film is a definite health hazard, Hell Fest is a surprisingly effective horror picture that features a likable cast of characters, gory death sequences, and effective pacing. The flick was granted a wide theatrical release but it underperformed at the box office and seems to have since fallen off the radar for a lot of horror fans since then. If you haven’t had the occasion to do so, I recommend giving Hell Fest a shot. It’s atmospheric, intense, and makes effective use of the haunt setting where the action unfolds. 

Hell House LLC

This next title continues the trend of underrated films featuring an extreme haunt where deadly dealings transpire. Hell House LLC is shot in documentary style and follows a group of characters that set out to make sense of what happened at a haunted attraction that claimed the lives of multiple attendees and event staffers. Instead of running in the opposite direction, a documentary crew arrives at the location where it all went down and discovers strange, possibly supernatural occurrences transpiring.

The flick has managed to establish a loyal fanbase. But Hell House LLC deserves a larger audience, given how effective it manages to be with such limited resources. So, don’t forget to add it to your seasonal playlist. It’s sure to help set the mood for the spooky season. 

Hell House LLC Haunt

Blue Skeleton from The Houses October Built

The central friend group in The Houses October Built set out to tour a series of extreme haunts. Of particular interest is the Blue Skeleton attraction. This particular haunt has a reputation for being extreme in every way and is rumored to employ torture tactics as part of the experience. Additionally, the location changes each year, making it particularly difficult to track down, even for the most dedicated thrill seekers. And while that should serve as a warning to stay away, the lead characters throw caution to the wind and pay the price for their curiosity.

This flick certainly does a commendable job of building the lore surrounding the attraction and also takes great care to limit the amount of information revealed to the audience. So, if you’re fond of the found footage narrative technique and don’t mind ambiguity, you may just find a lot to enjoy about this seasonal offering. However, if you like to see everything clearly explained or tend to grow frustrated with shaky camerawork, your mileage may vary.  

Houses October Built

Scare Zone

Scare Zone sees a group of seasonal workers preparing for the opening of an extreme haunt. But readying the attraction for business proves a hazardous proposition when several of the scare actors turn up dead. Oh my!

While the events that transpire at the titular haunt aim to come across as chilling and unspeakable, this flick never finds its stride. In fact, it’s pretty anticlimactic. Scare Zone fails to effectively lean into the inherent scares associated with an extreme haunt. The tension never mounts to the point of being palpable; the set design is amateur, and the performances are universally underwhelming. So, in the case of Scare Zone, I would still recommend steering clear. But in this case, the recommendation to do so stems from the ineptitude of the production, rather than the extreme nature of the haunt depicted within.  



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