‘An Angry Boy’ Star Scott Callenberger Talks His Breakout Role [Watch]

an angry boy

Rape-revenge films are often focused on female victims of sexual assault. And while women are more likely to report sexual assault, men also experience sexual violence. Writer and director Andrew Fitzgerald works to flip the script of the violent subgenre with his feature film debut An Angry Boy. The film features a stellar breakout performance by Scott Callenberger, who plays the titular angry boy, Owen, who begins to remember his traumatic past.

In the film,

Having escaped a sadistic cult as a child, Owen must confront his past as his tormentors enter his new life. However, this time there’s no escaping for anyone as Owen enacts his grisly vengeance.

Callenberger also recently starred in Dread’s The Hangman, again playing the titular character, but this time he got to portray the monster. Thanks to his tall frame, Callenberger has a rather intimidating physical presence perfect for creature work. Think Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Dane DiLiegro (Prey). 2024 is Callenberger’s year as both films let the talented young actor portray two very different sides of himself.

We spoke with Callenberger about his breakout role, taking on creature work, and more.

Watch the full interview below:

An Angry Boy is out now on digital and VOD.


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