‘In A Violent Nature’ Actors Ry Barrett and Andrea Pavlovic Talk Their Unique New Slasher [Watch]

In A Violent Nature

Chris Nash’s meditative mumblegore slasher In A Violent Nature is grabbing viewers by the stomach. While partially a walking simulator, this new slasher also boasts some of the nastiest kills of the year (so far). The slow pace offers a new look at what the slasher film can be, especially when you’re following a silent force of violence, played expertly by Ry Barrett.

In A Violent Nature follows Johnny (Ry Barrett), who has been awoken after a group of friends steal his mother’s locket. Unfortunately for those friends, that locket keeps him from committing a homicidal rampage. Now this group, led by final girl Kris (Andrea Pavlovic), must do what they can to survive. This typically slasher story is told through Johnny’s eyes, which includes a lot of walking, nature, and some of the year’s best sound design.

We spoke with Barrett and Pavlovic about gnarly kills, buckets of blood, and becoming the Final Girl. And don’t worry, we do talk about THAT kill.

Watch the full interview:

In A Violent Nature is out now in theaters.



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