‘Final Cut’ Director Michel Hazanavicius On His Personal Connection To The Film [Watch]

Final Cut

In 2018, Shinichirou Ueda‘s One Cut Of The Dead stunned audiences with not only its 45-minute long take but with its incredible focus on the art of filmmaking. So when a remake was announced, many were cautious; why remake something so soon? Luckily, that remake, titled Final Cut, was in the very capable hands of French director Michel Hazanavicus, who’s directed previous films such as The Artist. And in his hands, he created something that honors the original while also forging its own path, an admirable feat in and of itself.

In Final Cut:

A director is charged with making a live, single-take, low-budget zombie flick in which the cast and crew, one by one, actually turn into zombies.

We sat down with Hazanavicius to discuss taking on a meta-horror remake, rehearsing and planning such a long take, his favorite horror movies, and more.

Watch the full interview:



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