More FRIDAY THE 13TH, Less HEREDITARY: Boulet Brothers Talk New Season of DRAGULA

For three seasons and a spin-off, Swanthula and Dracmorda (collectively known as Boulet Brothers) have brought their own brand of drag, filth, horror and glamour, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, to the horror and drag masses. The drag competition show unlike no other, the Boulets put their contestants through some of the gnarliest yet entertaining challenges around. Making the show and its successful The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection Shudder spin-off one hell of a ride. The recently announced upcoming fourth season (now in the middle of its audition process) is approaching. So we thought we’d touch base with Drac and Swan to see what horror lies ahead. Plus, touch on their very entertaining Creatures of the Night podcast (part of the Dread Central network). Read on!

The Boulet Brothers

DREAD: Fans of the show (and of yourselves) have been champing at the bit for more of The Boulet Brothers’ DRAGULA. What made now the perfect time to jump into production on the fourth season?

SWANTHULA: Well, we had been waiting for Covid to turn the earth into a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. But it looks like it’s not going to happen, so I guess we have to make the show now. 

DRACMORDA: Exactly. I thought I would be in a slutty little armor suit standing on top of a Mad Max looking dump truck with an army of muscle servants tied to it. But I guess that’s not going to happen (sighs). 

SWANTHULA: The availability of vaccinations also helped. We’ve been ready to go for over a year. But the thought of putting people at risk to film a reality show felt gross. 

DRACMORDA: Exactly. We are fine with throwing people out of planes and stabbing them with needles but we draw the line at exposing people to Covid. That’s just cruel. 

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You both showed that not even a pandemic could keep you from bringing quality content to fans with the awesome The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection. I know you both have always been run and gun, DIY, punk as f*ck with what you do. But did the existence of the covid era of creating content cause you to approach that special in a way. Maybe outside the box of how you’d normally do it?

SWANTHULA: Certainly. It was a strange time because Covid was new, the world was going to hell and we didn’t know if things would ever be the same again. The whole country was locked down and in a scary place when we were filming. It seemed surreal. It felt like we were in the first season of the Walking Dead or something. We were driving through major cities that were just completely empty of people. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

The Boulet Brothers

Everything from the announcement of season four to now. It seems this season will be BIGGER and more dangerous than before. From the $100,000 prize money to the excitement that Craig (Engler, GM of Shudder) and Shudder seem to have with bringing the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula show to their network for the long run now. What led to that collaboration?

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DRACMORDA: Looking back it feels like it was meant to be. We couldn’t film a regular season of the show due to Covid. So that provided us an opening for us to work on something new. We had been wanting to do this spin off but it would have required us to leave Los Angeles and be on the road for a few months and normally we couldn’t disappear for that long. We realized (with the country shutting down) that maybe we could take the time off, so we just went for it. It was a really unique, strange opportunity to do something really different.

SWANTHULA: At the same time, we had our eye on Shudder and they had been interested in working with us as well and so we were both just waiting for the right project to pop up. The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection was it. They loved the concept, and something felt right about doing it with them. They understood the show in a way that a lot of networks didn’t and talking to them felt like we were talking with old friends but we had never met before.

DRACMORDA: We threw our all into it, we made it, and it exploded. It was one of Shudder’s most watched pieces of content in 2020 and I think it’s coming up for a few serious awards. It’s actually our favorite thing we’ve ever made and we’re so proud of it and love everyone who was involved. 

SWANTHULA: Wow we are rambling now, but back to your question, that obviously led to much larger conversations and here we are. Again, I think it was fate and our new partnership with Shudder is just the beginning for all things The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula

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Your Creatures of the Night podcast is easily my favorite around. There’s a genuine love for all things horror found within it. From your discussions on what you’ve been watching, to the devilish book club you have going on. The show feels special to listeners. Like a safe place to go. Much like The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula and its “EVERYONE is welcome” approach. Did you want that to be a big part of the podcast and is it easy to let your guard down with chatting about books and Teen Witch?

SWANTHULA: We didn’t intend for it to feel like that…

DRACMORDA: Yes, Ian and Swan have ruined it (laughs). 

SWANTHULA: I think what you meant to say was we made it better! The truth is the podcast presents a more down to earth side of us. How we are on the podcast is how the three of us are when we are together, and we have a lot of fun together. People tell us that listening to the show makes them feel like they are just hanging out with friends, and we’re happy to hear that. It really is an open friend circle for weirdos. 

The last time we spoke, we briefly touched on a mutual appreciation of all things HALLOWEEN 4. With that excellent homage at the beginning of season three. And the Danielle Harris guest judge appearance. It’s safe to say that you like to show love for what you’re into. What could we expect with the upcoming season, when it comes to that?

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SWANTHULA: Not too much because we don’t want to spoil anything. What I will say is that we always include some of our favorite things in new seasons of the show, so looking backwards at the podcast might give you a few clues.  

The casting process is always a fun one with The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, the audition videos are always great. What are you looking for with this round?

DRACMORDA: Fun! People have been locked up in their houses and feeling miserable, so we are looking for competitors who are outrageous and who will give audiences something to laugh along with. I’ll put it this way: this season will be a little more Friday the 13th and a little less Hereditary

Former monsters such as Saint are set to return to this season. Is that something we might see more of in future installments? Bringing those who maybe had some potential previously untapped, to return?

DRACMORDA: Saint is returning because she won The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection but you shouldn’t expect to see more of that in the future. You will definitely be seeing more of our former competitors, but not on the main season of the show. 

There have been talks of books, shows and other extensions of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula and the Boulet Brothers brand. What could you possibly tell us about those?

SWANTHULA: Just that by the time Halloween rolls around our influence will be spreading across the world like a plague. We have such sights to show you! 



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