Bloody Mary: 10 Jenna Ortega Roles to Prove She Is Horror’s Reigning Queen

Jenna Ortega is already a certified scream queen at the age of 21. Let that sink in as you add up all the horror movies she’s done in this decade alone. Because many of us remember her from her first film roles in Iron Man 3 and Insidious: Chapter 2, we’ve had a front-row seat for her almost lifelong campaign for the crown. She has been one of the hardest-working actors in our genre since she was a tween, and we are delighted that she is now fully immersed in the world. 

Whether Jenna Ortega is fighting Ghostface on the big screen, breathing life into Wednesday Addams on the small screen, or running between the never-ending list of gigs she has lined up, she is a star. This is why we felt it was time to give her own horror streaming guide. Check out all of the genre movies Ortega has streaming on the usual suspects below.

American Carnage (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Hulu

An order to arrest the children of undocumented immigrants forces newly detained teens to volunteer to assist the elderly if they want their charges dropped. Not only does this horror comedy allow Jenna Ortega to remind us she excels in all subgenres, but it’s also a movie with tons to say regarding immigration rights. Because Ortega had four horror movies hit theaters in 2022, this one did not get nearly as much attention as her other projects. However, I love a timely tale that lovingly embraces the fact that horror is always political.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

Cole’s literal demons return two years after he barely survived a satanic blood cult ritual. I was not sure this movie needed to be made until I saw Ortega would be there. As usual, our scream queen delivered. Her Phoebe Atwell is what this movie needed and helped us get over Samara Weaving’s drastically reduced role in the sequel. This project was also the first thing that came to mind when I heard Weaving would be in the cast of Scream VI. Sadly, my two faves did not have any scenes together in that one. However, I’m still hoping that someone will cast both as leads in what will become the coolest movie we will ever see.

The Fallout (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Max

A high schooler deals with the aftershocks of surviving a school shooting. This harrowing film sees Jenna take the lead, and critics are still praising her powerful performance today. While our girl is always the one to watch, she really shines in this role, and I wish award shows had recognized that. Because the subject matter is so heavy and always feels too soon for those living in America, it’s an extremely difficult watch. However, I hope Ortega and filmmaker Megan Park team up again soon.

Finestkind (2023)

Where You Can Watch: Paramount+

Desperation forces two brothers to get entangled with a violent Boston gang. This underseen gem is packing a cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Tim Daly, Lolita Davidovich, and Ben Foster. However, Jenna not only holds her own but steals scenes so effortlessly that you almost forget the movie is not about her character, Mabel. While this film received mixed reviews, it was, if nothing else, a wonderful reminder that Ortega has even more range than she is often capable of showcasing in the roles we typically see her in. 

Scream (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Hulu and Paramount+

The Ghostface legacy returns 25 years after the events that shook Woodsboro, California. I am obviously here for all the Core Four members, but can we talk about how we all screamed when Jenna Ortega was announced in the cast? While we were nervous she would follow in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett Smith, the Radio Silence team had much bigger plans for her. I cannot describe how much joy it brings me to watch her and Melissa Barrera play sisters who eliminate Ghostfaces on the regular.  

Scream VI (2023)

Where You Can Watch: Paramount+

The Ghostface energy follows the Core Four to New York and ruins their plans to start a new chapter. This movie had no business being as fun, clever, and bloody as it was. We see Ortega play the college version of the badass she originated in the final movie. We also see her, Barrera, and the rest of the squad take this battle with Ghostface to new heights (RIP Anika). Whether trying to lose her would-be killers in bodegas and on subways or silently encouraging her sister to finish the last bad guy, Tara is on a journey that we love to see.

Studio 666 (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Tubi

The Foo Fighters plan to record their 10th album in a mansion with a sinister history backfires. As a horror girl and long-time fan of all Dave Grohl bands, this movie felt like a personal attack on my bank account. So, I loved that the project also seemed to be the summoning circle for Jenna Ortega. While she is not on screen much, her few moments make a bloody lasting impression. This one also sticks out for me because we sadly lost the legendary drummer of Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, the month after the movie came out. So, there were a lot of emotions swirling as most of us went into this horror comedy.

Wednesday (2022-Present)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

Follows Wednesday Addams’ as she solves mysteries and works on honing her psychic abilities. While at least one version of the Addams family is a huge part of almost every horror fan’s childhood, most of us worried we were too old for this series. However, those concerns disappeared as Jenna Ortega made the beloved character a viral TikTok sensation. Whatever we think about the series, all of us deadpan and eternally unimpressed girls owe her a debt of gratitude for representing us on the TikTok streets.

X (2022)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix 

A group of adult filmmakers set out to make a movie in 1979 in rural Texas. However, the elderly hosts have something far more sinister in mind for them. This is another strong cast with memorable characters, but Ortega had most of the favorite moments. Tell me you didn’t laugh when Lorraine shocked her boyfriend by revealing she wanted to be in the movie now. Was anyone not terrified for this character the entire time she was in the basement? Even her death was iconic! We can gush all day about how great Brittany Snow is, or how Kid Cudi is aging like fine wine. However, all roads point back to our girl being the best supporting character. 

You (Season 2)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix 

Joe Goldberg has fled New York for Los Angeles. However, he is still an obsessive lady killer who happens to find trouble everywhere he goes. Many of us have become as fixated on this psychological thriller as the lead is on his next victims, er- girlfriends. So, it was such a delight when Jenna appeared as Ellie. It was made even better because she is one of the very few women to survive living near Joe Goldberg. I doubt Ortega’s schedule will ever allow her to return. However, it warms my heart to know that her character escaped these shenanigans and lived to tell the tale. 

If you’ve already watched all of these readily available Jenna Ortega movies, VOD is your friend. Her new thriller Miller’s Girl is there alongside Insidious: Chapter 2. However, you could also revisit all her cool roles on streamers you are already subscribed to. In the meantime, tell me your favorite movie from our reigning scream queen’s resume at @misssharai.



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