DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Looks for Extraterrestrial Life Underground in Dulce, New Mexico

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Are we alone in the universe? Recent declassified communications and videos are giving us an unprecedented look into how the government handles these sightings, but there is no definitive answer to the question.

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No matter how much grainy footage is released, we still don’t know what might be in our skies. In 1979, Paul Bennewitz was trying to solve this timeless question. He was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and working as a scientist. On the cool and clear desert nights, he began seeing mysterious lights in the sky. He was living near the Kirtland Air Force Base, and right across from the Monzano Storage Area, the U.S.’s largest nuclear storage facility. To him, the location of these nighttime visitors was not a coincidence.

He began filming the lights in the sky. Subsequent theories state that Bennewitz was probably seeing the first-ever tests of unmanned aerial vehicles. Whatever he was filming, theories say the government needed him to stop. Bennewitz was undeterred. In the years that followed, Bennewitz would discover one of the biggest conspiracies in UFOlogist circles.

The more Bennewitz discovered, the farther he spiraled down into a dark and inescapable place. Was Paul Bennewitz mad, or did he find something that was never meant to be found? The story goes that Bennewitz had somehow accidentally tapped into an encoded communications line at the Kirtland Base. He was receiving genuine coded messages. He was sure that the messages were extraterrestrial in nature.

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Bennewitz soon received a top-secret communication. He never divulged where it came from. It told him that there was a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. In the halls of UFOlogy, Dulce Base is a very real and very dangerous place. An underground joint base shared by extraterrestrials and the U.S. Military, it’s home to inhumane and cruel human experimentation. In the years since Bennewitz’s discovery, many people have come forward to claim that they have been in Dulce Base.

Theories say Bennewitz was being misdirected. His focus on Dulce pulled his attention away from Kirtland. Many believe that Air Force Counterintelligence Officer Richard Doty was the man who fed Bennewitz the information about Dulce. Many believe that after Bennewitz discovered the encoded communications at Kirtland, Doty was put on Bennewitz to make sure he believed he was dealing with aliens. It would have been a huge blow to Cold War America if Bennewitz started leaking legitimate state secrets. It was much easier to just let Doty push Bennewitz further into his alien theories.

In 1988, Bennewitz wrote a paper called “Project Beta”. It detailed how exactly to go about attacking and exposing Dulce Base. He took this information to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, who brushed him off as a delusional paranoid.

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From 1979 through 2003, the alien visitations to Bennewitz became more frequent and intense. He reported seeing orbs of light in his home. He repeatedly complained of daytime alien flybys. He would produce strange wounds on his body and claim that he was being injected in his sleep by aliens. None of this evidence has ever been corroborated by trusted witnesses. Bennewitz couldn’t handle the stress. 

He wasn’t eating. He wasn’t sleeping. Every day had become a fight for survival against an enemy that most people didn’t even believe existed.

Bennewitz was committed to a mental institution no less than 3 times before 2003. He began a correspondence with Christa Tilton, an alleged alien abductee who believed her child was of half-alien ancestry. Her conversations with Bennewitz and other alleged eyewitnesses were published in her book The Bennewitz Papers, which claims that Dulce was very real. One witness stated it was his job to wrangle staff that wandered into the alien-run areas of the base.

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Whether or not Bennewitz’ deteriorating mental state was caused by clandestine government operations is still up for debate. We’re stuck with many different theories. Some have gone full-in on the government angle. They claim that agents went so far as to install artificial aboveground vents in Dulce to reinforce the idea that there was a massive base underneath the town. Some claim that everything that Bennewitz found out about aliens is true, and the government had no hand in it.

UFOlogist William Moore has admitted that during this time period, he was trying to push Bennewitz into a mental breakdown by feeding him false information about aliens. Doty has also publicly stated that he fed incendiary information to Bennewitz, but that he was not specifically singled out. He states that he was instructed by his higher-ups in the military to infiltrate gatherings of UFOlogists to spread false and misleading information.

In 2003, after years of stress and pressure; Bennewitz broke. June 23rd, he took his own life. Or did he? The life and even death of Paul Bennewitz is shrouded in mystery. For every confirmed detail we have about his life, we have 10-20 theories. Some claim that Bennewitz is still alive today, being held in Dulce base, the place he helped expose to the ufologist community.

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What do you think? Was Paul Bennewitz a victim of aliens, or a clandestine government operation? It’s really up to you to decide.

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