Scream Addicts Podcast #2 – Con Men

Scream Addicts

Now that we’ve successfully executed our two video episodes for the week, the time has come to greet the weekend with open tentacles by dropping our second ever podcast.

Unlike our brief ‘n bloody webisodes, we three movie maniacs use the podcast to really sink our teeth into a subject and gnaw it to the bone over the course of one horror-filled hour.

Today’s topic is that of horror conventions – those marvelous escapes from the banal reality we certifiable types are typically subjected to throughout the rest of the year. Horror cons are a haven for we twisted fanboys, and today your hosts will talk about the rise in con culture, their favorite conventions, and their best/worst experiences in all the years they’ve been con-goers.

So don your blackest T-shirt, pop in your ear buds, and get ready to take a trip into Scary Movie Shangri-La with our newest podcast – “Con Men!”

(A very special thanks to musical madman Jason Miller for providing the intro/outro music for our podcast.)


And if you missed our previous episodes, start catching up here.

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