Scream Addicts Episode 4 – Top Horror Distro Labels

Scream Addicts

After carefully considering some constructive criticism (and weathering a few outright beatings), we Scream Addicts have decided to slightly retool our show to better serve our viewers. Rather than rehashing three-week-old news and devoting an entire episode to a Q&A session, we’ll now focus each installment solely on themed discussions – still chatting any and all things horror, just without a noticeable expiration date (Dread’s got us covered on up-to-date news anyway).

In addition, we’ll now be airing two shows a week (Monday and Wednesday), with our podcast closing out the week every Friday.

We hope you’ll appreciate these changes and stick with us folks (and, y’know… maybe tell your friends, subscribe, check out our Twitter feed, hit up our website over at ScreamAddicts.com, use the comments section, maybe help us hide a body or five…).

So, with no further ado, we present today’s show – concerning our favorite DVD/Blu-ray labels. Mind the blood, mind the gore, and enjoy every last scream.

And if you missed our previous episodes, start catching up here.

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