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revenge horror Carrie
February 28, 2023
From ‘Eyes Without A Face’ to ‘Carrie, Mo Moshaty examines the art of the slow-burn revenge horror. Read more now.
Lovecraft Country Black horror
February 27, 2023
Avery Oliver explains how loving horror and being Black is a double-edged sword. Read more now on Dread Central.
His House
February 24, 2023
Chipo Karumazondo shares three terrifying African legends that deserve their time to shine in the horror genre.
Black cops in horror Spiral Chris Rock
February 23, 2023
Eric Hue examines the cliche role of the Black cop in horror and how the genre can better address these characters going forward.
Interview With The Vampire
February 22, 2023
By making Louis a queer Black man, the ‘Interview With The Vampire’ series greatly shifts the narrative’s twisted dynamics.
There's Something Wrong In Morrington County
February 21, 2023
In honor of the release of There’s Something Wrong In Morrington County, author Ryan Kinney did a special reading for Dread Central.
The Mummy
February 20, 2023
Andrew Sanford makes a case of Adventure Horror and why ‘The Last Of Us’ scratches that itch. Read more now.
Dank and Deadly
February 16, 2023
Girl That’s Scary talks to Rih and AyCe from the Dank and Deadly podcast about queer horror, getting abducted, and more.
February 15, 2023
Chris Walton explains why Ernest R. Dickerson’s ‘Juice’ is a horror film, especially thanks to Tupac Shakur’s performance as Bishop.
Outlast video games
February 15, 2023
Xero Gravity talks with the Scream Reapers about their favorite horror games, creating safe spaces in the streaming community, and more.