B-Sides: It’s Yor’s World! He’s the Man!

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bsides yor - B-Sides: It's Yor’s World! He’s the Man!Yor, the Hunter from the Future isn’t just a bad movie; it’s that special breed of stupendously fun bad that leaves a lasting impression, and nothing about Yor left more of an impression on me than its astounding, borderline incomprehensible, rock anthem theme song.

Reb Brown looks more like Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Spicoli than any sort of prehistoric barbarian, running around the land before time in furry boots and loin cloth, setting out on a journey to learn the truth of his lineage.

In between romancing a sexy cave girl and a sexy space girl, Yor’s quest for fire will see him battling dinosaurs, Neanderthals, Dark Helmet look-a-like cyborgs, and futuristic spacemen living on an Atlantis-like island ruled by a goateed man in a black cloak called The Overlord, whom York eventually kills via impalement with a piece of a giant candy cane.

People always talk about how Hollywood should remake bad movies that possessed the elements needed for a good movie rather than constantly redoing great, classic movies that still hold up. Yor, the Hunter from the Future is precisely the kind of movie Hollywood should be remaking. You’ve got cavemen, spacemen, sorcery, dinosaurs, spaceships, laser guns, Vaderoids, and a hero who uses a pterodactyl as a hang glider. What more do you need?

How about one of the greatest bad movie theme songs of all time? Yep, you get that, too.

“Yor’s World”: the nearly indescribable, almost indecipherable Euro-Turkish rock anthem that opens and closes the movie as well as constantly heralding Yor’s triumph throughout the film in ways typically reserved for a b-movie soundtrack composed by Queen. What modern band could do justice to this song if ever there were a remake? Muse, perhaps? I’m drawing a blank.

Watch the video below with the lyrics included and marvel knowing those are the actual song lyrics and not the product of a new “Bad Lip Reading” video.

bsides - B-Sides: It's Yor’s World! He’s the Man!

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Written by Steve Barton

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    • I wish! I would watch the heck out of that! Yor is one of those movies from my teenaged years that for some reason just made an impression on me. Definitely in the top ten best/worst theme songs ever… must watch!

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