B-Sides: Universal Soldiers Leave Behind a Body Count

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Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundren first enlisted as Universal Soldiers in 1992. The Roland Emmerich flick even came complete with a theme song that best summed up the two words the violent sci-fi action movie was all about: body count.

Around the same time as Universal Soldier was opening in theaters, Ice-T was crossing over from hardcore rap to hard rocking rap with his metal band Body Count. The band had already become infamous for their highly controversial single “Cop Killer” when the producers of Universal Soldier tapped Body Count for a single to use in their movie, a rap metal anthem whose sole lyrics consist of repeatedly yelling “body count” and “body count’s in the house”. Yeah, well, Universal Soldier wasn’t exactly known for its highly literate screenplay either.

The “Body Count’s in the House” music video even ends with Van Damme and Lundgren making cameos as body guards staring down a pair of doughy, disapproving, middle-aged policemen as Ice-T bravely hides behind the action beefcakes smirking like a tough guy.

How ironic is it that the guy who was once so notorious for singing about his hatred of the police would soon leave the music world behind for an acting career primarily playing cops?

bsides - B-Sides: Universal Soldiers Leave Behind a Body Count

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  • JB Demented
    December 1, 2012

    Fuck yeah!!! Body Counts first album is brutal and has always been one of My favorite metal albums. Their last album Murder 4 Hire was weak because 3 of the 5 original members died. Mooseman was an awesome bassist, and Beatmaster Vs drumming was intense. I know Ice T took alot of shit being the front Man for a metal band being called a sellout, which is retarded. And then the contraversy with Cop Killer. And when I watched Universal Soldier for the first time I was really excited that during the end credits You hear the song Body Counts In The House. And then a video which was rarely shown on MTV. All the swearing was cut out of course, but still a cool video.

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