8 Horror Films Plagued By Real-Life Death Curses

By John Squires

poss - 8 Horror Films Plagued By Real-Life Death Curses


The 2012 horror film The Possession was similarly inspired by real events, centering on an item referred to as a “Dybbuk Box.” A wine cabinet said to be possessed by an evil spirit, the real-life relic was the launching point for the movie, and the cast and crew revealed that they were pretty terrified of the box’s perceived power.

Though he says he’s a skeptic, star Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted that some pretty freaky things happened on the set of the film, including light bulbs exploding, cold breezes and the set being imbued with an overall creepy vibe. At one point a storage facility burned to the ground, destroying the titular box made for the movie.

“Don’t mock the box” became a mantra for the crew, he said, and though the offer was made for the real box to come to the set, it was politely declined. Best not to mess with things like that!

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Whenever a horror movie is based on true paranormal events, you’ve probably noticed, the production tends to be plagued by some sort of curse, and The Conjuring is no exception. Based on the real-life haunting of the Perron family, James Wan’s box office hit seemed to give new life to those entities, which reared their ugly heads when the cast and crew were forced to evacuate their hotel after it caught fire.

Star Vera Farmiga reported feeling very uneasy about the film whenever she returned home from set and refused to bring the script with her. She claims that one night she opened her laptop and noticed three slashes across the screen, which she could not identify the source of. Wan had a similar experience when his dog was growling at something he himself could not see.

At one point during filming, the real Perron family visited the set, and members of the crew noted that a strange gust of wind seemed to follow along with them. After returning home, Carolyn Perron felt a presence in her home and was seemingly pushed to the ground, as if something from the set had come home with her.

Again I ask: Is it possible for a horror film to be cursed? Now that you’ve read these stories, we’d love to hear what you think. So comment below with your thoughts!