Valora Releases First Single; Frontwoman Syd Duran’s Top Ten Favorite Horror Films

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If the name Valora rings a bell, it may be from our coverage of the band’s digital comic (look for Chapter 3 soon), but now we have something different. They’ve released a video for the first single from their debut album, “I Waited for You”, and in that its tone is reflective of frontwoman Syd Duran’s love of horror films, she took time out of her busy schedule to prepare a list of her Top Ten favorites just for Dread Central readers.

The album is also entitled I Waited for You and opens with the savagely indignant “I Waited For You,” a song Syd co-wrote a few years ago. The video features the band giving a dark, passionate live performance while Syd searches for her man through a morbid city, only to find him at a costume themed party messing around behind her back.

I Waited for You was produced by Grammy-nominated Johnny K (Disturbed, Finger 11) and mixed by Neil Avron (Fallout Boy, Linkin Park.) It’s simple and raw – no horns, no synths, no auto-tuned perfection. “The main thing Johnny had to understand about Valora was the feeling I want people to get when they hear my voice,” Syd says. “I needed to find a producer that valued vocals as much as I do.

Valora is a six-piece hard rock band from Whittier, California. Backing Syd’s powerful vocals are Ryan Villa, Taelor Duran (pictured below with Syd and genre fave Derek Mears at the opening of PERRI INK. Cartel on Melrose in LA), Jared Baez, Kasim Somers, and Kenneth Benson. With the album completed, Valora is ready to hit the road. The band has been playing shows across Southern California, making friends and prepping for big things to come.

valoraderek - Valora Releases First Single; Frontwoman Syd Duran's Top Ten Favorite Horror Films

As for Syd’s Top Ten, here it is:

10. It: Who isn’t totally creeped out by clowns and gutter drains as it is?!

9. Scream: This is the film to blame for the stupid, ugly voice I continue to hear sometimes when I answer the phone: “Hellooo Sydnee.”

8. The Fly: Flies are already gross. At least now I can appreciate that I am yet to encounter one that transforms into something that wants to kill me.

7. Jeepers Creepers: I watched this over and over again because I had a huge crush on Justin Long. It didn’t even bother me that a disgusting creature was collecting human body parts for the walls of his underground hideout.

6. The Crazies: I watched this movie with my sister, Taelor, and every 3 minutes she would say quietly to herself, “That’s so crazy.” I finally pointed it out, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

5. When A Stranger Calls: I used the original film as an example to my parents as to why babysitters are useless, and that I didn’t need one.

4. The Ring: I watched this one with my cousin Lauren Nishinaka. She’s Asian with long, black hair. Can you see where this is going? She scared the hell out of me that night.

3. Friday the 13th: I USED to be very very afraid of Jason Voorhees until I met Derek Mears in person… Such a lovely man. I will never be afraid of this movie again.

2. Halloween II (2009): For some reason I thought, just for a second, that Michael had a change of heart.. and then bam! Another innocent person is dead!

1. Psycho: I couldn’t take a peaceful, non-terrifying shower for weeks.

For more visit the official Valora website, “like” Valora on Facebook, and follow Valora on Twitter.

valora - Valora Releases First Single; Frontwoman Syd Duran's Top Ten Favorite Horror Films

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