Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels

Through the decades the horror film genre has evolved into a thriving industry where companies can decide to either leave a movie as it is or capitalize on the fan base they generated with their first title, and sometimes those sequels can be a horribly horrific mess that is scarier than the movies themselves.

But there have been a few gems amidst the garbage, and this list focuses on the best horror sequels of all time – those that were better than the originals – so sit on your sofa with a pillow clutched in your hands and get ready to look at the Top 10 Horror Film Sequels.

This is a list comprised of the 10 best horror movie sequels of all time that were better than the originals, going as far back as the early twentieth century. For any horror fan willing to watch these films, they are highly recommended, and if you’ve watched them already, I tip my hat to you sirs and madams.

Though the entries are numbered, please note this list is in no particular order.

10: Blade II (2002)
Blade II is more action-packed than its original and has a real zombie feel to it compared to all the vampires shown. Guillermo Del Toro directed this Marvel Comics-based movie that is far from a comic book with its horror tones. Wesley Snipes returns as the Daywalker, which means he’s half- vampire and half-human. Ron Perlman, Norman Reedus, and Kris Kristofferson, as well as sevearl other great actors, join him for the sequel and bring the movie together with ease.

An all-star cast, as well as strong gore and an engaging storyline that focuses heavily on horror and action, makes this sequel better than the original Blade in so many ways that it seems to be the best sequel out of the three films and definitely gave the series a broader fan base.

Blade 2 - Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels

9: Halloween II (1981)
With its close quarters setting and claustrophobic feel, Halloween II raises the chill factor to 11. Set directly after the first film, it focuses on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as she is whisked to the hospital from the trauma she faced from Michael Myers’ onslaught of terror. Some of the main cast return from the original film, including Donald Pleasence (as Dr. Sam Loomis), who tries to reason with Michael, but can you reason with a psychopathic serial killer?

This sequel has some memorable kills, including the one in the below picture, and is a very tense film, using the suspense to make you jump out of your seat in abject horror. Definitely not for the faint of heart, it’s a worthy horror sequel to put on this list from one of the greatest film directors of all time: John Carpenter.

halloween 2 - Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels

8: Evil Dead II (1987)
Evil Dead II stars Bruce Campbell as Ashley J. “Ash” Williams, the chainsaw-handed unwilling hero stuck in a cabin and fighting for his life; he battles Deadites and the trees themselves to survive. The sequel has a memorable cast and is funnier with its dark humor and gorier with all of its blood, focusing primarily on Ash as he gets punished with buckets of blood thrown into his face. He even loses a hand in the process.

Bruce Campbell brings this sequel to life with director Sam Raimi getting the right amount of suspense, horror, dark comedy, and moments of true awesomeness. The chainsaw-hand making scene is ahead of its time, and the blood and gore makes this sequel one of the best ever made and definitely worth a watch. It also has achieved cult status and skyrocketed Bruce Campbell’s career into a household name; this B-movie actor is one of the best in the business, and it shows in the movie. You’d have to have an eyeball in the mouth not to watch this!

Evil Dead 2 - Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels

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Written by Nelson Monteiro

Gamer, freelance journalist, horror aficionado, and general geek with a plethora of knowledge. I love to write and watch horror films, I was 6-8 years old when i watched my first horror film and to this day i still can't watch Hellraiser.

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