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Dinner for Fiends

So. Where’s the New Dinner For Fiends?



Dinner For Fiends

We know what you guys are wondering. “Where the hell is Dinner For Fiends?” Well, we got together and did one, and as per usual there was over an hour’s worth of chaos for you guys to dig on. Or so we thought. Let me start from the beginning.

People often wonder how we record these things. Since most of us are in completely different parts of the country, the first thing we have to do is set up a time that’s agreeable on all sides of the time zones. From there we call into a conference line, record the call, download the mp3 file, and then it goes to Buz to edit. Speaking of which, he truly does a masterful job at doing so and is the reason they all play as well as they do.

For this round Matt, Foy, Andrew, and myself got together and tried in vain to call into our secured line. First, it took about twenty minutes for everyone to even be able to get in on the call. We each experienced something different. Some would get a busy signal. Some would get static. Some wouldn’t get anything at all. Finally we were all in, and it was on. After about eight minutes we all got booted. We then went back to the dialing frenzy. By now about a half an hour has passed. Again, we all made it back, and we did do the show.

After a show is over, we usually get an e-mail about an hour later telling us we can download the call. The e-mail never came. Today I got on the line with tech support for the company that we use to tell them of our troubles. After about an hour of trying they couldn’t recover our work, and as of now it’s gone. A lost episode never to be heard.

Being that rehashing all the events so soon would no doubt come off as stale and rehearsed sounding, we’ve opted to wait until after The Crazies has come out to do it again. We’re sorry, guys. Believe me, it sucks for us, too. The show was a great one, and we were all having a blast doing it. There’s just nothing we can do. We’re at the mercy of failed technology. There’s a new episode coming we promise! And when it does expect, a mega-edition as we’ll try to touch upon the finer points of what you missed. Hang tight!



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