Epic Digital Collectibles NFT Drops

Epic Pictures Group is proud to announce Epic Digital Collectibles, an exciting new venture into the world of eco-friendly NFTs. The first wave of collectibles will be auctioned through OpenSea, the world’s most recognized NFT platform. 

Every NFT is bundled with exclusive physical goods and never-before-available fan experiences. In order to ensure the minimization of the collectibles’ environmental impact, 10% of sale proceeds will be donated in perpetuity to The Water Project, a charity dedicated to providing clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa.

Exclusive perks include:

  • A personal video call with Mick Garris
  • Your own talking Benny Loves You plush doll
  • Signed merch from the Butt Boy filmmakers
  • Early access to the upcoming Dread XP game Sucker For Love: First Date

Check out the full collection below on OpenSea for more details!