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Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

When it comes to zombie films, it seems that most viewers are most concerned about the zombies (and rightly so). People worry about the make-up, if they’re fast or slow, if they offer/add anything new to the genre, etc.

But what about the zombie killers? These unsung heroes of zombie films are often overlooked. Now I’m not talking about the typical character in a zombie film that survives by killing some zombies here and there. Come on, we expect a little more here at Dread Central for Christ’s sake!! The characters I’m talking about like… no, love killing zombies and go out of their way to destroy a brain or two. Below is a list of my favorite zombie ass-kickers, in no particular order.

Lionel Cosgrove, Dead Alive (1992)

I mean, seriously; has there been any character in zombie film history who starts off so timid and peaceful and ends up being one badass zombie killer?? Ok, ok, maybe Ash (see below). Lionel, though, has certainly earned a solid spot on this list for not just “taking care of business,” but by doing so with style, creativity, and a certain innocent-like bloodlust. The lawnmower scene alone is a modern-day classic.

Zombies Dead Alive 1024x576 - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Brooke, Wyrmwood (2014)

Wyrmwood has taken the zombie genre by storm, and rightly so. This is a fast-paced zombie flick. It’s like The Road Warrior and Undead had a love baby and named it Wyrmwood!! Without giving anything away, Brooke is the subject of some nasty zombie-based experiments, and after she escapes from her captors, she realizes she’s not quite the person she was before. She’s officially a badass zombie ass-kicker.

Zombies Wyrmwood 1024x576 - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Alice, Resident Evil films (2002, ’04, ’07, ’10)

Granted, the films aren’t too good. I enjoyed the first RE, but honestly, this franchise got old really fast. Putting aside the films themselves, ya gotta admit that Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a badass zombie killer, and she looks fantastic doing it. We get side-boob and lots of upper thigh shots to make her zombie-killing scenes that much more entertaining. Alice isn’t just hot, she’s one tough broad that sincerely enjoys killing zombies with guns, knives, and her own bare hands.

milla jovovich resident evil - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

Ashley J. Williams (aka Ash), Evil Dead films (1987)

Oh, Ash, what can I possibly say about one of the original badass zombie ass-kickers? There are three Evil Dead films, but I think Bruce Campbell’s best “Ash” performance is in the second one. Ash gets tormented as much as he kicks ass in part two (the laughing house, cutting off his own hand, etc.), but he never loses sight of the job at hand: killing zombies. And yes, I’m aware that the “dead” in the Evil Dead films are actually not zombies but demons possessing human bodies, but there was no way in hell I was leaving Ash off this list. Ash kicks ass, and that’s that.

Zombies Evil Dead - Top Zombie Ass-Kickers

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Written by Scott Shoyer

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