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The Best Horror Films You Haven’t Seen

Mutants (2009); directed by David Morlet

The French put their two cents in on the zombie genre and do it with great results. We follow around a couple as they try to contact the military in the “safe zone” to be rescued, but things don’t go exactly as planned. We get to see one of the couple bitten and slowly change into a “mutant.” There are some great performances and special effects, and the filmmakers really make this feel like a unique film.

Dread Mutants3 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Vinyan (2008); directed by Fabrice Du Welz

This is one of those films that will crawl deep under your skin and stay there for a long time. Here we follow a couple as they search for their son, who they thought died in a tsunami that hit many years ago. But while watching a documentary on the area, the wife believes she sees her son in the background. What follows is a nightmarish descent into the Thai-Burmese jungles. Vinyan isn’t very gory, but it will stay with you for a long time as we watch the couple’s sadness and guilt tear them and their sanity apart.

Dread Vinyan - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Vindication (2006); directed by Bart Mastronardi

Another indie horror flick that took a long time to get completed… but damn, it was worth the wait. This is more of a psychological horror flick as we follow a young man who’s having a really horrible life. One day he finally just gives up and commits suicide, but he can’t even do that right. He survives, but his failed suicide attempt results in his guilt becoming real and manifesting in the world. This might be labeled a psychological horror film, but Mastronardi gives us a lot of truly terrifying images and some really fun gore. I love everything about this film.

Dread Vindication1 1024x685 - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Sweatshop (2009); directed by Stacy Davidson

Wow, I have a lot of indie horror films on my list. I saw Sweatshop at 2010’s Texas Frightmare Weekend, and it absolutely stole the entire show. This is one gory (very gory) ride as we follow around a group of 20-somethings as they prepare a (supposedly) abandoned warehouse for a rave. But we all know it’s not abandoned; in fact, it houses a fucking maniac whose weapon is a huge steel pipe connected to a gigantic fucking anvil, and damn if he doesn’t use that thing often!! This is a really fun slasher flick full of drugs, sex, titties, and lots and lots of gore. Seriously, there’s a lot of gore.

Dread Sweatshop - The Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen

Which of these have you seen? What did I leave off my list? Sound off below!!

Written by Scott Shoyer

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