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You may not know this, dear reader, but I don’t just write up every weird thing that hits the news or the Net. Consider the Gasp Menagerie a “curated” collection of odd and abnormal entertainments for your examination. Indeed, the Internet today churns out enough supposedly supernatural going- on each day to fill several seasons of that old show “FreakyLinks.”

Sometimes… sometimes there’s a piece that sits on the border of what I’d normally include here and what I’d pass over and leave for less… discriminating reporters.

That’s what we have here. The always wonderful Daily Mirror brought this viral video to my attention a while back, and it is only after much thought that I bring it to you.

In the nearly three-minute clip, we see a figure on what appears to be a dirt road in the middle of the night. The figure is dressed in white. As the driver cautiously approaches, we see the figure appears to be an elderly woman with black hair, hunched over and using a cane or walking stick.

As the car gets close to the being, it turns and starts advancing on the car. A passenger begins telling the driver in Arabic to back up in a terrified voice. The driver does, and the figure pursues. Eventually, the figure pauses and seems to lose interest in the car, only to advance on them again. With one last backwards burst, the car backs away and the being seems to dart to the side out of the headlights. That’s where the clips end.

I frequently talk about psychology when it comes to hoaxing. People sometimes get caught up in the physical details of evidence and don’t stop to analyze the psychology surrounding them, which is often the best way to debunk a claim.

In this case, we have a few strikes. The video begins right when the image appears and ends as soon as it disappears. While they may have started filming as soon as they sighted the creature, they certainly seemed to stop the absolute second the thing left the lights of the car. That’s very convenient and doesn’t allow us to examine anything else regarding the sighting: Where did they go?, how did they react?, etc.

This is also definitely something easy to hoax. The figure casts a shadow and isn’t physically impossible in any way. While it doesn’t match any commercially available costume I’ve seen, it’s something anyone could make up on their own with a little imagination.

That said, there’s one psychological point that I’ve been unable to shake: why? Why that figure, shot that way, in that place? If you put that figure in a supposedly haunted house, sure, that fits human imagination well. But a dirt road in the UK, shot by a car of Arabic-speaking witnesses? That’s… odd. It fits no known legend, so there’s no motivation to provide evidence of such. It’s completely out of nowhere. It gets downright comical as the figure begins to chase the car and seems to forget to use its cane for a time as it breaks into a brisk trot.

blackburn ghost - Ghostly Figure Chases Car In Video - The Gasp Menagerie

I’m 99% sure this is a hoax, but it’s one of the weirdest hoaxes I’ve ever seen. Just completely random, compiled in a very odd way and presented without any useful supporting information to make such a hoax worth doing.

What do you think, folks? Did some Arabic-speaking folks in the UK get the sudden urge to put one of their friends in a fright wig, drape a sheet over them, and have them hobble after their car in the middle of the night? Or is this the weirdest and yet clearest ghost video in history? Perhaps, is this not ghostly, but some very strange person out and about in the country behaving in extremely random and insane ways, terrifying immigrants on a midnight drive?

gasp menagerie - Ghostly Figure Chases Car In Video - The Gasp Menagerie

Written by Mr. Dark

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