Dragon Wars Sequel Begins Shooting This Summer! We’re Not Kidding!

Dragon Wars

Just when you thought Skyline 2 and a sequel to The Haunting of Molly Hartley were the most inexplicable sequels to go into production, here comes word that Dragon Wars 2 is about to become a reality. Somewhere out there a cold chill just ran down Craig Robinson’s spine.

This news both excites and baffles me. I genuinely enjoyed 2007’s Dragon Wars (review) on the same level that I enjoy a lot of old Japanese giant monster movies. I also am fully aware that the film is legitimately terrible on a multitude of levels. Just go read my review where I fired off a list of 35+ questions the movie poses but never answers.

What’s most baffling about word of a sequel is that I was under the impression that the movie was also a huge money loser. D-War, as it was known internationally, reportedly spent years in pre-production and went massively over budget. The movie only made $10 million in the US and grossed a total of about $75 million worldwide (mostly in its native country of Korea), which by all accounts is about what the budget was said to be.

So how does a sequel that nobody is really clamoring for get made? First, writer/director/producer Shim Hyung-rae is clearly a huckster for the ages. No one can deny his hustle. Secondly, and probably most importantly, the $20 million budget will be financed by China, and we should all know by now how much the Chinese really love their dragons.

According to Twitch Film, D-War: Mystery of the Dragon (what an awful title!) begins shooting in May. Despite my numerous suggestions over the years that any sequel should chronicle Brendan Fehr’s incredibly long walk home from wherever the hell he was left stranded at the end of the original film, presumably no one from the original will be back, particularly since the sequel’s plot will be set in 1969 amid the US and Russia’s Cold War space race to the moon. Not sure how ancient Korean dragons fit into that.

One thing is for certain: Getting a Dragon Wars sequel made is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

dragon wars - Dragon Wars Sequel Begins Shooting This Summer! We’re Not Kidding!

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