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25 Must See Horror Movies from 2014

All Cheerleaders Die: Hands down one of the finest “teeny bopper” flicks to hit shelves this year, All Cheerleaders Die had a bit of everything and broke every rule in the book. An asshole jock punches his girlfriend. Then he drives her off a cliff, killing her. Then the fantastical elements arise as a lowly witch resurrects them all. But when they return, they’re bloodthirsty monsters. Still it gets worse; those assholes who had a part in their execution learn exactly how the cheerleaders were brought back to life and want a piece of that magic. What ensues is a supernatural battle for the ages!

The Canal: The Canal was an admittedly predictable film. The viewer knows everything that will and does happen in the picture. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a beautifully shot film that features the heavily underrated Rupert Evans. The film, about a haunted home and the possession that befalls its residents, sports some eerie visuals and commands a sense of true sympathy.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown: The Town That Dreaded Sundown proved to be a strong remake. It utilized elements of the original film and kept the atmosphere of Charles B. Pierce’s original alive and breathing, all the while delivering something new. Anticipate some tweaks to the story, and look for a different conclusion. But make no mistake; this is a picture well worth investigating!

The Dead 2: Somehow The Ford Brothers’ new zombie outburst hasn’t earned many places on “Best of the Year” films. Believe this: It’s one of the greatest zombie movies I’ve ever seen. The guerrilla nature of the picture leaves a sense of dread in the viewer, while the filming locations are absolutely stunning. Great acting, great action, and of course, great zombie mayhem earn this a nod from me. Don’t miss it.

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Written by Matt Molgaard


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