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10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

west - 10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

We round out the Now Playing Series 4 travesty with Herbert West’s second appearance on this list – another toy that was included in the line when it was shown off at the 2006 Comic-Con but had disappeared when it was again shown the following year. This smaller scale version of West than the previously mentioned one was going to include Dr. Hill’s head in a tray and even the infamous zombie cat, a real treat for Re-Animator fans that will forever taunt us with its beauty. 0-2 on the toy front, Dr. West!

SOTA Toys is still around today, but there are sadly no plans to ever resurrect the Now Playing line, which was also set to include a different Killer Klown than the ones they had previously released. Thankfully for us, Amok Time has recently been producing their own Killer Klowns toys, taking over where SOTA left off. As for that aforementioned Herbert West figure they’re working on, I’m happy to report that it’s going to look a whole lot like SOTA’s was going to!

hellraiser - 10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

Though NECA’s line of toys based on Hellraiser only lasted three series, the original plan was to have it continue long beyond that and include figures of pretty much every Cenobite and creature seen in each movie in the franchise. This prototype sculpt of The Engineer from the first film is all that remains of a planned box set that was to also include Kirsty Cotton, a character that ended up never getting released in any form by NECA, or any other company for that matter. Just as planned future series of the Hellraiser line never came to fruition, neither did the Engineer/Kirsty box set, which would’ve likely been the coolest Hellraiser figures that NECA ever released. Sigh.

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