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Wrestlemaniac Director Talks Sequel



jb - Wrestlemaniac Director Talks SequelThere’s something special about “>Wrestlemaniac (review). The thought of a group of unlikeable people stuck in a deserted Mexican ghost town getting mauled and defaced by a maniac masked wrestler has a certain charm to it. Could we get some more of that please?

Bloody Good Horror dropped us a line today saying that their recent interview with Wrestlemaniac director Jesse Baget hints at more loco Luchador action to come! According to the filmmaker, “I definitely have some ideas for a sequel and I have a couple other projects that I’m getting underway, but I would definitely like to come back to it, just because I think with a slightly bigger budget … there’s just so much more we could do with the Mexican Wrestling concept. You know, put him on some motorcycles, have some midget fights. there’s a lot to do with it. And I’d want to make it a little more of an action horror, just a real bloody action kind of film rather than so much of a slasher film that it was this time.

Click here to check out the rest of the interview. Jesse also discusses other upcoming exploitation project Oz Land and more ideas about what to do in Wrestlemaniac 2.


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