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10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed

Son of Ghostman:
Son of Ghostman isn’t an outright horror feature. In fact – believe it or not – it’s a hybrid piece, blending horror, good old fashioned homage and romance. And still, it’s an awesome movie that echoes a very John Hughes vintage vibe because every character on hand feels honest and relatable. They feel quite real, and the chemistry before the camera is great. If you love the good old horror host, and you respect passionate films, Son of Ghostman will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Death and Cremation:
Perhaps the greatest overachiever of the bunch, I anticipated very, very little from the quiet production. What I got was full satisfaction. Brad Dourif fronts the flick as a nondescript mortician who happens to create his own “clients.” If you’ve been a bully, beware: Stan might just have a plan for you, and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the living. An extremely overlooked pic that far exceeded my personal expectations, Death and Cremation is a winner and as normally the case, Dourif shines like a brilliant beacon swaying across the desolate seas, guiding vessels to safety.

Written by Matt Molgaard

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