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10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed

Has Roadside even seen disc release yet? If not, it deserves to be dumped on shelves and in Redboxes around the US immediately. This tale of a psychopathic sniper hiding in the woods, a stranded couple trapped at his mercy, is tense. The onscreen performances also feel quite organic. For a picture that was essentially shot in one single, small location, the flick flies right along, and the mystery builds as we approach a simplistically unnerving conclusion. A high quality piece from Eric England.

Sick Boy:
Sick Boy proved that babysitter movies can be damn frightening without a masked stalker prowling about the premises (Michael Myers called in sick for this specific occasion). It doesn’t take a knife-wielding menace to invoke fear. Sometimes it just takes a little boy. A sick, sick little boy. Great buildup to a wonderful finale that looks and feels surprisingly realistic. Aside from that, the anonymity of the entire picture is just about genius.

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Written by Matt Molgaard


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