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Box Office: This Is the End Off to a Solid Beginning



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Box Office: This Is the End Off to a Solid BeginningWho would dare challenge the Man of Steel? How about a raunchy R-rated meta-comedy about stoner actors dealing with the end of the world? This Is the End managed to hold its own against Superman even if it did make over $100 million less.

The apocalyptic horror comedy This Is the End landed in a solid second place for the weekend behind the unstoppable juggernaut that is the new Superman movie. That’s why they opened it Wednesday rather than Friday. A $20.5 million sum looks to be its weekend total, and counting the jumpstart it got on Man of Steel, its five-day total is already around $32.8 million, according to Deadline. That’s enough to already make its budget back. A “B+” Cinemascore would indicate it might actually hang on a bit at the box office.

Not hanging on is The Purge, which is quickly being purged from the top 10. Last weekend it overperformed to the tune of $34 million, and this weekend it dropped a whopping 76%, from 1st to 5th, with about $8.2 million. Doubt you’ll hear too many complaints on their end seeing as how the $3 million pic has already more than made its budget back and guaranteed itself franchise status.

Next weekend brings us one of the biggest summer blockbuster wild cards ever in the form of World War Z. A movie based on a best-selling book that by all accounts has next to nothing in common with its source material outside of the basic premise, over a year’s worth of bad publicity regarding the film’s very troubled production, and even the positive reviews thus far have not exactly been stellar. A lot of money is riding on this PG-13 zombie spectacle so it will be very interesting to see how much of your money gets spent going to see it.

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