‘Low Life’ Trailer: How To Catch, and Become, A Predator

Low Life

In the words of Spider-Man‘s Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility”. And this couldn’t apply more to using the internet, whether to tweet a stupid meme or taking down an abuser. Tyler Michael James‘ upcoming digital thriller Low Life speaks to both the power and dangers of the internet, and how lines are blurred so quickly.

In Low Life, Benny is a small-time YouTube star who catches predators online. He experiences a night from hell when he lets one of them into his own home.

The trailer teases a found footage hybrid that combines both handheld, POV footage and more traditional narrative filmmaking. This style is the future of the found footage subgenre, making it more accessible to wider audiences as well as showcasing how much creativity this style of filmmaking provides, especially in the horror space.

Wes Dunlap, Lucas Neff, and Luna Montana star in Low Life.

Noah Rotter, Annie Milligan, Hunter Milano, Jake Dvorsky, and Tyler Michael James produced the film.

Watch the tense new trailer now:

Low Life comes to VOD from XYZ Films on August 25, 2022.



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