10 Brutal Body Horror Classics Now Streaming On Hulu, June 2022

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From the terrifying leg-shaving sequence in Cabin Fever to the grotesque piercing terrors of Titane, the intimacy of body horror just can’t be beat. And what better time than summer to get into the deep crevasses of this nasty sub-genre? So let us celebrate the meat bags that we are cursed with by counting down the top ten goopiest, ooziest, and downright droopiest body horror titles available to stream on Hulu right now.

First on the list of bodily horrors available to stream on Hulu is the 2002 nasty classic Cabin Fever. The debut feature of genre staple Eli Roth, this freaky day trip into the rotting human form shocked audiences upon its release. Perhaps it was that initial surprise of seeing family-friendly heartthrob Rider Strong (“Boy Meets World”) appearing in a movie about a flesh-eating virus. The body horror here is putrid, a prophetic view into Roth’s flesh-centric projects yet to come. While 2002 hardly feels like peak Scream territory, Roth still had a tough time getting this project greenlit, with suits insisting he give his script the Ghostface makeover.

Coming in dead last at number ten is a bit of a cheat; The Collection isn’t technically body horror by any means, but I felt the urge to include it for its absolute and complete disregard for the human form. This movie quite literally rips through crowds of people without breaking a sweat, and it’s a damn good time for it. The second installment of the unfinished Collector trilogy, this sequel goes harder and heavier on the mutilation and violence than its predecessor. Written by Patrick Melton and directed by Marcus Dunstan, The Collection is a gross-out classic that will always be a fun watch. If you have the stomach for it.

Here are 10 brutal body horror classics streaming on Hulu:

  1. Cabin Fever
  2. Alien
  3. Titane
  4. The Feast
  5. Wounds
  6. Gaia
  7. Amulet
  8. Possessor
  9. Sea Fever
  10. The Collection

Second on the aforementioned list is Ridley Scott’s 1979 deep-space classic Alien. So thankfully it’s streaming on Hulu in all of its creepy glory. It follows a commercial ship in outer space that encounters a parasitic extra-terrestrial who lays its eggs in the human body. This sci-fi-horror hybrid disturbed audiences with a downright shocking chest-bursting sequence. And things only got scarier from there. While the body horror qualities of the franchise dissipated slightly as it progressed, the first film in the Alien series is one of the most effective of its kind.

ALIEN Quadrilogy 1024x536 - 10 Brutal Body Horror Classics Now Streaming On Hulu, June 2022

Lastly, what do you think? Will you be making a date with any of the aforementioned body horror classics? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat about all things body horror!



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