‘Last Of The Grads’: A Bone-Chilling Masked Killer Awaits You In Upcoming Slasher

There's a new slasher in town.

Last Of The Grads

We’ve been blessed with a slasher renaissance. Films like Freaky as well as the upcoming reboot of Scream have whet our appetites for knife-wielding killers with a contemporary twist. Now there’s a new slasher in town: Last of the Grads.

Last of the Grads follows a class of graduating high school seniors celebrating their last night together at the annual school lock-in. But, the celebration quickly goes south. The students realize that they’re the targets of the legendary “Coast to Coast Killer”.

Watch our bone-chilling exclusive clip now:

Newcomers Jessica Lang, Jennings Brower, Sara Eklund, and Youtube superstar Charles White Jr. (aka Cr1TiKaL) star in Last Of The Grads. The film comes from first-time writers/directors Jay Jenkins and Collin Kliewe.

Dread Central’s Chad Collins previously reviewed the film, calling it “a dark, bloody, and rollicking slasher throwback.”

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Last Of The Grads starts a limited theatrical run on Friday, December 3. It hits VOD, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 14th