Netflix Says BRIGHT 2 Is Just About Ready To Shine

Netflix is reportedly real close to having a finished script for BRIGHT 2!

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In case you were worried, the head boss of original films at Netflix has confirmed that Bright 2 is still very much en route! Scott Stuber, the guy in charge over there, has promised Variety that they are “close to having a final script for Bright 2.” This is great news for fans of the 2017 film who have been in the dark about the sequel’s progress for a while now.

In a surprising turn of events, the critically panned Netflix blockbuster Bright quickly became one of the streaming giant’s most popular original titles. Ever. So, it’s no surprise that the sequel is still in active development nearly five years after release.  

The first film revolved around two police officers —except twist!— one of them is a goddamn ORC. Together they take on a night shift that changes their lives forever. Soon this odd couple finds themselves fighting for survival, while simultaneously doing their due diligence to keep the world from ending. Did I mention one of them is an Orc? Workplace conflict ensues as they both do their best to set aside interpersonal differences to save a pretty elf lady from some really bad dudes.

Critics were nonplussed by this outrageous plot, which could be why Netflix is taking their sweet ass time getting the script for Bright 2 just right. Let’s hope, anyway…

Since the release of Bright, there’s been a wind change in the public attitude towards police. This occurred in the light of Black Lives Matter and the many public slayings of BIPOC individuals. Stories about police in the media now find themselves in a tricky position, so it’ll be interesting to see how Bright 2 manages to juggle the evolving politics of our modern world.

What’s next?

Netflix has also tossed a few coins at extending the universe with an anime spin-off film titled Bright: Samurai Sword. This all-new animated feature hails from Children of the Whales’ Kyohei. Bright 2, however, is rumoured to be helmed by Louis Leterrier (dir. The Incredible Hulk) and expected to star Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

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