Greg Nicotero Talks “Down and Dirty” Blumhouse Reboot of SPAWN

Special effects maestro Greg Nicotero updates fans on how he’s handling the upcoming SPAWN film!

spawn main - Greg Nicotero Talks "Down and Dirty" Blumhouse Reboot of SPAWN

Horror icon Greg Nicotero knows gore. He’s recently been hands-on for brutal horror properties like The Walking Dead and Shudder’s Creepshow. He’s also the founder of the practical design house KNB EFX Group. Recently Nicotero teased his involvement in the forthcoming Blumhouse reboot of Spawn.

The Makeup Master told Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is adamant about the project going forward with horror hub Blumhouse. While news on the latest iteration is bare, Nicotero still seems sure it’s going to be an R-rated romp.

Here’s what he had to share:

We have designs … [McFarlane] came in, and he said, ‘Look, we’re doing this thing, and it’s going to be low budget, and it’s kind of down and dirty. And I want it to feel more like the animated show [Todd McFarlane’s Spawn], where it’s like Spawn meets David Fincher.’ He wanted to do this kind of gritty down and dirty thing. And so, we did a lot of concept work here. We did a bunch of design busts and a lot of really, really cool stuff. And then it kind of stalled.

Nicotero continued by saying:

Every once in a while, I’ll reach out and go, ‘Hey,’ I’ll look at the busts in my office and be like, ‘Hey, Todd, what’s going on with this? Are we ever going to make this?’ Because I’m really in love with the design work we did. Look, I hope it will happen. I know he’s very passionate about it. And look, if you really think about Spawn, Todd McFarland was way ahead of his time, man, way out of his time in terms of what he did with that character. I really do feel that there’s a world where there’s a great Spawn movie out there.

Even though a cast is in place, there’s no guarantee that a new Spawn film will see the light of day. While ages ago, the 1997 Spawn was a box office failure and spooked Hollywood away from the property. Can Blumhouse turn things around for McFarland? Time will tell…

SPAWN 1024x536 - Greg Nicotero Talks "Down and Dirty" Blumhouse Reboot of SPAWN

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