MURDER FOR DUMMIES: Bonus Short Added to Free FAKING A MURDERER Los Angeles Premiere on August 3rd

MURDER FOR DUMMIES, directed by Meredith Red, will screen in advance of our free premiere of FAKING A MURDERER!

As a special added bonus to our free Hollywood premiere of Faking a Murderer on Tuesday, August 3rd (details in the link below) Dread Central has added Meredith Red’s horror-comedy Murder for Dummies to the exciting bill.

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The movies will play at Hollywood’s Arena Cinelounge Outdoors (1625 North Las Palmas Avenue; 323-924-1644). Doors open at 7:30 pm, and the show will start at 8:30 pm. Dread Central Editor in Chief Joshua will host the fun festivities. For tickets, fill out the form below.

Here’s the story on Murder for Dummies: After Kandy Kane kills her abusive dickhead of a husband Bud, she recruits her BFF and fellow $3 stripper Misty May to rid themselves of the body. As Bud’s lifeless corpse goes from trailer park to trailer park, Kandy and Misty’s friendship is tested. Hiding a decomposing body is harder than red panty night at The Golden Banana.

“My vision of the film was ‘hot chick pillow fight meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’” says Red. “This idea struck me one afternoon and I sat down to write the script in a few hours. Then immediately shoved it in a desk drawer and forgot about it for several years, until one day I went to get my hair done at the local salon in Malibu, and the rest is history. My hairdresser, Marie, was pushing me to write something for Hallmark, and I realized pretty quickly that just wasn’t my scene. I’m definitely more of a ‘super soaker filled with blood’ than I am ‘Let’s fall in love without even kissing’ kind of girl. The cast and crew are all clients of the salon, so it all came together pretty easily.

“I love these characters, and my goal was to have the audience rooting for them as they try to get rid of a dead body,” she continues. “How far would they go? And I immediately thought to myself, ‘Get out the chainsaws!’”

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The award-winning festival fave stars Cleo Elliott (daughter of Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross), Martha Thatcher (cousin of Randy Newman), and Doug Lane. “Completely filmed on location in Malibu,” Red notes. “More specifically, my mom’s front yard. That adds absolutely nothing to the plot with the exception that it was a close drive for everyone. My mom, Barbara Casey, is also executive producer, craft service, stunt double, and all-around good sport!”

Cleo and Sam Elliot 1024x718 - MURDER FOR DUMMIES: Bonus Short Added to Free FAKING A MURDERER Los Angeles Premiere on August 3rd
Lead actress Cleo Elliott with her dad Sam Elliott

“I’m proud Murder for Dummies has won awards at both comedy and horror festivals, which is unusual,” says Meredith’s husband, Eric Red, screenwriter of genre classics Near Dark and The Hitcher. Eric served as the short’s line producer, cinematographer, and co-editor (with his wife). “Meredith has a unique horror-comedy style she calls ‘Splatstick,’ with lots of blood and lots of laughs, that audiences find entertaining. I married my wife 20 years ago partially because I’d never met a woman who loved and knew as much about horror movies as she did. I have been very proud to watch Meredith grow as a filmmaker. She may have found her niche.”

“Splatstick is my jam, so if people laugh and scream, my work here is done,” Meredith sums up.

Stop back on Monday for news of another Dread Vision Hollywood feature film screening! For now, movie fans, mark your calendar for August 3 and come see Faking a Murderer and Murder for Dummies!

MURDER FOR DUMMIES poster 1024x1394 - MURDER FOR DUMMIES: Bonus Short Added to Free FAKING A MURDERER Los Angeles Premiere on August 3rd

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