Bruce Campbell Updates Fans on all things EVIL DEAD and DOCTOR STRANGE

bruce 750x422 - Bruce Campbell Updates Fans on all things EVIL DEAD and DOCTOR STRANGE

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! Bruce Campbell recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and delivered updates on The Evil Dead re-release, Evil Dead Rise, Evil Dead: The Game, and even his appearance in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In case you hadn’t heard, Fathom Events and Grindhouse Releasing are unleashing The Evil Dead back into theatres. It reopens October 7th in celebration of Evil Dead’s 40th anniversary! But that’s not all, Bruce will also be filming a brand new introduction. Campbell at this to say about the upcoming re-release:

I’m going to film that at a drive-in coming up in the next day or two. I think it’s a good opportunity to look back and be grateful that it hung around this long. People still seem to want to watch it, they still seem to enjoy it. It’s on to the next generation now. It’s not even the original fans … So it’s my job just to keep perpetuating it.

The actor also gave updates on the upcoming film EVIL DEAD RISE from filmmaker Lee Cronin:

Sam handpicked Lee Cronin, who is a very good Irish director, who did a movie called The Hole in the Ground. Lee is a very interesting filmmaker and Sam also worked with him on a couple of Quibi projects [with] Sam in a producing capacity. So he hand-picked him like he had picked Fede Álvarez (for 2013’s Evil Dead). ­People can actually call it what [they] want: Sequel, remake, reimagining. It really is just another Evil Dead movie. It’s book-centric. It’s all about [the Necronomicon]. Where does this book wind up and what happens to it over the millennia? In this case, it’s set in the city, it’s no more cabin in the woods. It’s entirely different, unsuspecting heroines who are going to save the day. It’s filming now in New Zealand, with some of their amazing crews down there and they’re well into it. Rob Tapert is the hands-on producer and we’re all very involved in the script. We all jump in at various times to chime in. But, yeah, the three of us are very involved.

But sadly, Campbell was quick to dash any rumours that he’ll be making an appearance in Evil Dead Rise:

I won’t be appearing in it, no. I will be in the upcoming Evil Dead game, which I think is due for February 2022. Just finished the voice for that. The nice thing is, your voice doesn’t age as much as your body, so I can milk that for a few more years. 

Lastly, Bruce has been teasing fans about his involvement in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Marvel sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He even went as far as to  tweeted a photo of the London skyline with the message, “Boy, it was a blast, working in a certain city, with a certain director on a certain movie with a certain actor – it sure was!” 

When EW asked him to confirm this rumour, Campbell had this to say:

I would say that’s a pretty good rumour. I think that won’t get me sued. That’s a pretty good rumour, yeah.”

Make sure to purchase your tickets for the 40th-anniversary screenings of the EVIL DEAD at e Fathom Events website from Aug. 13.

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