Stephen King Recommends “Superb” New Crime Novel by Don Winslow

Stephen King has just one word for Don Winslow's upcoming crime novel, arriving in September: "Superb"!

Stephen King is a certified Master of Horror and an American treasure. So when he talks, we listen!

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Those who follow King on Twitter know that the bestselling author often recommends TV shows, movies, and novels that tickle his fancy. Over the weekend, he encouraged his followers to check out that latest crime novel by Don Winslow, a tome he calls “superb”!

Exploring classic themes of loyalty, betrayal, honor, and corruption on both sides of the law, City on Fire is being called a contemporary Iliad from Don Winslow, “America’s greatest living crime writer” (Jon Land, Providence Journal). Look for it in online and brick-and-mortar retailers in September.

Book Synopsis:
Providence, RI, 1986. Twenty-nine-year-old Danny Ryan is a hard-working longshoreman, loving husband, loyal friend, and occasional “muscle” for the Irish crime syndicate that oversees much of the city. He yearns for something more and dreams of starting over fresh, someplace far away. But when a modern-day Helen of Troy triggers a war between rival mob factions, Danny is embroiled in a conflict he can’t escape. Now it is up to him to step into the breach to protect his family, the friends who are closer to him than brothers, and the only home he’s ever known.

Don Winslow is a prolific American author and political activist most recognized for his crime and mystery novels. Many of his books are set in California. Five of his novels feature private investigator Neal Carey. Some of his most popular titles are The Cartel (2015), The Power of the Dog (2005), The Border (2019), The Death and Life of Bobby Z (1997), and Satori (2011).

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Stephen King’s latest novels include Later, If It Bleeds, and The Institute. Look for Billy Summers later in 2021 and Gwendy’s Final Task in 2022.

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