Alejandro Brugues To Direct New Netflix Horror Movie From Chris LaMont and Joe Russo

Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead) to direct Netflix's THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF CHARLES ABERNATHY from writers Chris LaMont and Joe Russo.

Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead, Nightmare Cinema, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Hulu’s Into the Dark) is one of our favorites. And today we hear he’ll direct the Netflix horror film The Last Will and Testament of Charles Abernathy.

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The story follows billionaire Charles Abernathy on the eve of his 75th birthday. He invites his four estranged children back home out of fear that tonight someone – or something – is coming to kill him. To ensure his family will help protect him from whatever’s coming, Abernathy puts each of their inheritances on the line. They’ll get nothing if he’s dead by dawn.

Chris LaMont and Joe Russo (the producer for our new podcast addition Post Moretm with Mick Garris) penned the original screenplay. It featured on the 2018 BloodList. LaMont and Russo’s previous credits include Hard Kill with Bruce Willis and The Au Pair Nightmare. Paul Schiff (Netflix’s Fractured with Sam Worthington) is producing.

Dan Clarke will serve as executive producer.

Alejandro Brugues made a killer zombie that you should check out ASAP. It’s called Juan of the Dead and it begins – as you might imagine – after the dead rise and start attacking the living. Juan starts a zombie-killing business, until he has to save his small band from being eaten.

The new classic sports an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Critics Consensus: Filled with wild splatter slapstick, Juan of the Dead also deftly uses its zombie premise as an undead Trojan horse for insightful political commentary.

Juan of the Dead 1024x1275 - Alejandro Brugues To Direct New Netflix Horror Movie From Chris LaMont and Joe Russo

What’s your favorite Alejandro Brugues project? You up for his new Netflix movie?

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