Danielle Harris Would Love to Return for a Sequel to THE LAST BOY SCOUT

THE LAST GIRL SCOUT, anyone? Everyone's favorite scream queen, Danielle Harris would love to return for a sequel to Tony Scott's THE LAST BOY SCOUT with Bruce Willis & Damon Wayans

We don’t cover action movies at Dread Central. But when it comes to Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans, exceptions are made. And speaking of which, everyone’s favorite scream queen Danielle Harris says she’d love to return for a sequel – if it ever happens.

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Maybe The Last Girl Scout, anyone?

Danielle Harris tells ComicBook.com: “I would go back to any of the roles that I’ve played. They’ve all been amazing, fun, super fun. I mean, God, to be able to come back and do like The Last Boy Scout 2, I mean, if there was just one, that would blow my mind. That’s another character that I just loved.”

She adds: “But I mean, listen, I got to come back on Halloween and I got to come back now on Roseanne. I think they’re doing a remake of Don’t Tell Mom [the Babysitter’s Dead]. I’ve heard rumors, not that I’ve not been asked anything, but that would be interesting. There’s no one role that I wouldn’t like to reprise, at least the ’90s stuff. The older stuff, maybe not so much.”

Danielle Harris starred in The Last Boy Scout as the daughter of Bruce Willis. He played an ex-Secret Service agent turned gruff private investigator. His latest gig protecting Halle Berry goes south when she’s murdered. So he teams up with her boyfriend, Damon Wayans to go after her killers. Shane Black penned the script.

It sports a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Critics Consensus reads: The Last Boy Scout is as explosive, silly, and fun as it does represent the decline of the buddy-cop genre.

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Would you like to see Harris return in a sequel to The Last Boy Scout?

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