Check Out New HALLOWEEN II Michael Myers Figure by NECA

Another Halloween is in the books. It’s this time of year that horror fans start asking the important questions… like what does Jason do when it’s not Friday the 13th, what does Pennywise do in between floating seasons, and what is Michael Myers like when Halloween is done?

We think Mikey takes stock of the beauty in life. That crisp fall air…the changing of the leaves…the satisfaction you get when your expertly sharpened blade takes a limb off just so. There’s nothing worse than a dull blade hitting bone. What you want is a smooth slice taking a limb clean off. It’s a thing of beauty! We caught up with our Haddonfield neighbor to see how a master relaxes after an extra bloody work night…

Based on his appearance in the classic 1981 sequel, Halloween II, Michael Myers stands 8″ tall and comes complete with a knife, scalpel, syringe, hammer, as well as an alternate hand and head. Highly detailed and fully poseable with a tailored coveralls costume. The figure comes in clamshell packaging with brand new art, courtesy of Jason Edmiston.

Halloween II Michael Myers is in stores now, and will soon be joined by a Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode 2 pack! This is a rare occurrence for both characters, so snap them up while you can.


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