Relax Into Terror with Intense Horror Short ASMR

The latest horror short from director Aaron Fradkin, ASMR, is giving viewers the creeps in a major way! It stars Victoria Fratz as the ASMR viewer and Misha Reeves as the ASMR narrator who just wants Fratz to “relax.”

Check out ASMR and read more about the horror short below.

The short film is based on the wildly popular ASMR videos which often depict a soft speaking narrator whispering, nail tapping, hair brushing, etc. Viewers of traditional ASMR videos express feelings of calming pleasure paired with tingling sensations.

The short horror ASMR will leave you with a different kind of sensation. One that slowly gets under the skin of the viewer leaving them with an unsettling, creepy sensation.

Many viewers commented that the short film reminds them of Japanese horror styles similar to The Grudge or The Ring.

Fradkin, who has directed and edited other popular horror shorts such as Diet and Devil’s Door, commented, “I never really got any tingling sensations watching ASMR videos, but I did find it to be somewhat creepy. So making an ASMR horror film felt like a natural thing to do.”

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Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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