Trailer: Spamflix Streaming Splatter Horror MIMICRY FREAKS Ahead of Theatrical Release – a TVOD platform for arthouse and cult films – is releasing Mimicry Freaks on April 2nd; it’s a Japanese mystery splatter horror film by director Shugo Fujii. Check out the trailer embedded at the top of the article and read more about the film below.

The film follows Fuma, a man that wakes up in a bed in the middle of a forest with his only son Ren, when suddenly a traditional Japanese monster, known as Namahage, attacks them. Not far from there, a wedding planner takes a young couple to a venue deep in the woods. When the two stories come together, the unpredictable happens.

Inspired by a famous Japanese drawing (Kaidan Chibusa no Enoki) by Seiu Ito about the abuse of minors, Mimicry Freaks disdains J-horror and focuses on the American codes of the genre. A cross between Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead, with a mix of mutations, massacres sponsored by everything you can find in the garden shed, blood that gushes through the air etcetera.

During its festival run, Mimicry Freaks was part of the selection of renowned genre festivals such as the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (where the film won the Spamflix Asian Film Award).

After its streaming premiere on Spamflix on April 2nd, a theatrical run will start in Japan on April 24th in more than 10 cinemas.

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