Trailer: $300 Horror Anthology WEIRD FICTION Hits 5/12

Writer-director Jacob Perrett‘s horror anthology Weird Fiction was made for $300 back in 2017 and 2018. And today we have word that it will be released via Wild Eye Releasing on May 12th.

Not only that but we have the movie’s killer trailer and poster for you to check out. You can give the trailer a look-see up top and the poster below.

Perrett tells GoErie: “We started work on one of the segments and we were approaching it like it would be a typical 10- to 15-minute short, and we were just taking a stab at the retro feel. My overall goal with the film was … to make Halloween fun again and make horror films fun again. There’s just something about that era that was just sort of fun. Nowadays, every horror film that comes out seems like it has to be super dark.”

Originally called Spine Chiller, the flick is an homage to your favorite films from the 1970s-1980s and features four terrifying tales: A group of teens goes searching for a missing body, a babysitter is stalked by something malevolent, a porn star finds a mysterious bite on the back of his neck, and two girls uncover something that may very well lead to the end of the world.

The movie stars Perrett, Taylor Rhoades, Isabella Rodriguez, Matt Nale, Carson Jones, Torri Bouslough and Rylee Prenatt.

Weird Fiction will finally be released via Wild Eye Releasing on May 12, 2020. You up for this $300 horror anthology? Let us know below or over on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Weird Fiction poster 1024x1371 - Trailer: $300 Horror Anthology WEIRD FICTION Hits 5/12